• Introduction

    STCC International Park provides “One Stop” services.

    As a window to American and European companies, STCC International Park has set up its administrative office to take charge of the daily management of the park and assist its client companies to apply for registration, applications, approvals, and licenses, if necessary. We have designated bilingual specialists who help deal with challenges companies may have in daily operations.

    STCC International Park helps companies generate more profits by helping you to:

    o   Understand about the current investment environment, market structure and financial opportunities in China.

    o   Know the investment regulations and rules in China,while simplifying the registration procedure for you.

    o   Expand your production and sales in the Chinese market with a one-stop solution.


    We have divided our services into 4 major programs:

    1. Services before moving into STCC Park

    a. Background investigation and analysis

    b. Chinese market research and analysis for your industry

    c. Policy and information consulting

    2. Moving into STCC Park

    a. Chinese market access (including registration, customs clearance, inspection)

    b. Incentive policies

    3. Services after moving into STCC Park

    a. Human resources -  helping you to find the right talent

    b. Legal and financial services

    c. Promotion and advertising resources

    4. Follow-up services and expansion

    a. Gain larger market share

    b. Funding and investment 

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