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    On 10th Jun afternoon, the Tennessee delegation visited STCC industry park. Zhang Xingren, the general manager of STCC international park introduced related information of STCC and showed them our video as well. In addition, he answered the questions delegation raised up during the meeting.

    After visiting, representatives of STCC and local government had a conference with delegation for communicating deeply with each other.

    First of all, Liu Shaoyong, the representative from department of investment promotion of Chengdu Innovation and Startup Demonstration Base Management Committee(“Committee” for short), and Zhang Xingren gave their speech separately to make introduction about STCC and Deyuan Town.

    Then, Mr Liu gave the comprehensive explanation regarding one center, three industrial belts, five special blocks, N communities. Mr Zhang explained the domain business of Sunels group and STCC ans the delegation showed their interest in Pidu thereafter.

Karen Espenant from Humming birds asked about the incentive policies in regards to cultural and creative industries.

Mr Liu pointed out, we are committed to constructing the tourism and culture innovation demonstration belt, adhering to the deep integration of agriculture and cultural tourism, relying on the characteristic towns along the Shuyuan avenue and Xiyuan avenue, combining the rural complex and the construction of the western Sichuan forest to explore the regional culture and consolidate the industrial foundation, enhance the idyllic landscape and activate tourism resources.

Sarah Elizabeth Rowland from TNCN enquired the number of companies which have been located in Jingrong.

Mr Liu answered, by the end of 2018, the area of innovation and entrepreneurship in Jingrong Town has reached 1,279,200 square meters, and 75 incubators including STCC Industrial Park, TUS park,FENOX and so forth. We have successfully attracted more than 3767 projects to locate their place in Jingrong, which are specialized in big data, drones, new materials, medical care and VR/AR technologies, more than 106,000 people working and living here.

It has deepen their understanding and impression on Jingrong Town through this visit and laid solid foundation for extensive and pragmatic cooperation.

Sarah Elizabeth Rowland, Executive Director of TN-China Network,  Charles Li,CEO of Crosspointe International Consulting, investment attracting manager of STCC attended the conference.  

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