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On the occasion of Innovation and startup weeks, our STCC (Chengdu)International park has co-organized the meetup 2019 of Get in the Ring, as the oversea massive innovation and entrepreneurship event. One China’s stratup- Sysale robotic order processing system has took part in the global meetup.



Get in the Ring is a global network of organizations founded by GITR foundation in 2012. Together with partners in more than 100 countries and more than 150 events. In addition, more than 10,000 startups have took part in the event. It covers 10 regions in the world including Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, North Africa, Central Africa, South Africa, East Asia, Middle East, North America and South America and so forth.

During June 17-19 , the Global Meetup 2019 will bring together 130 startups from several different industries around the world.

It is the first time for Pidu startup to take part in this event, and has drawn attention from all sides. We held a great opportunity to communicate with different premium international startups and gained as many millions of investment from investors. Zhang Xingren, General Manager of STCC Park actively promoted Jingrong Town and STCC Park to startups. More than 40 startups have shown their interest in expanding to China market and inquired more detailed info of how to work in STCC park in Jongrong Town.


     A big feast

Founders talking with STCC

During the live roadshows, Sysale robotic order processing, as the winner of final competition of 2018 GIRT China, was interviewed by local TV station and he made a short introduction of Sysale: Our Sysale is well designed for the sake of assisting small and medium-sized enterprise carry out automated order management and which can realize the post-type virtual robot for business forecasting and early warning. It can replace the traditional order management system , saving labor costs while improving efficiency. Combining the self-developed BFL algorithm model with machine learning technology, the data of traditional small and medium-sized enterprises is able to be managed in the scientific, intelligent method. By means of intelligent business forecasting and analysis, it can give reasonable advice, and avoid enterprise decision-making mistakes in the meantime and achieve smart decision-making and profit maximization."

Global meetup of GITR has been concluded successfully! Jingrong Town and STCC Park made their impressive performance on this event. Known by more international companies, STCC Park will continue to help Chinese and overseas enterprises in the expansion of international exchange, as well as attracting more overseas enterprises to invest in China.

In the near future, it is strongly believed that more international enterprises will take their places in STCC Park to jointly create an international Pidu with better facilities for work and life. 

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