Amercian Delegation Made an Exploratory Trip to Pidu District


Chen Lei, General Manager of China and Joel Gallo, Senior Director from Starr Strategic Holdings LLC;Lu Ying, China business representative of Nebraska Economic Development Agency and Tan Tingyu, China buisness representative of Iowa Economic Development Agency(hereinafter referred to as“Delegation”) had their exploratory trip to Pidu district being in the company of Nelson Lee, president of Sunels international Inc, Zhang Xingren, General Manager of China of STCC, Chen Jun, Deputy General manager of China of STCC.

 The delegation visited the Sichuan Cuisine Industry Park in Ande town. Under the guidance of the officials from the Foreign Affairs Office of the District Committee, the delegation visited the Sichuan Cuisine Experience Hall and Sichuan Pixian Douban Co., Ltd.

In addition, the delegation experienced to make Douban, and they showed their strong interest in it. It shows that the unique production process of the Pixian Douban with  a long history, and it is worthy of being named the soul of Sichuan Cuisine.      

Then, the delegation visited the first office area of the government, and Yang Dongsheng, Secretary of the Pidu Distric warmly welcomed them.Introduction of the Chengdu city and the basic situation of Iowa and Nebraska in the United States has been made to enhance mutual understanding. During the meeting, topics regarding food processing industry, flowers, bonsai field, agricultural machinery and equipment, soil improvement, rural insurance finance, and agricultural talent training were discussed.

After the meeting, the delegation stated that Pidu is a great place with good development prospects. It is expected that the two sides will promote cooperation between the governments and enterprises to promote economic development, including cooperation in agricultural fields, agricultural products and cooperation projects, agricultural products trade, agricultural science and technology cooperation, cultural tourism, industrial investment and so forth. Government officials and CEO,Sichuan Pixian Douban incorporated company attended the meeting.

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