Important Event | U.S Consulate Visited STCC park


On June 4th, Ms. Yvonne McDowell from Consul of Agricultural Trade Office, Ms. Helen Hua, Senior Commercial Representative from American Consulate General, Mr. Shiyang Cui, Senior Commercial Expert, Mr. Shawn Shen and Ms. Shen Bing, Marketing Specialists of Agricultural Trade Office have visited Jingrong town, Pidu district and have meetings regarding promoting American governors, chambers and companies in Pidu district.

 Mr. Dongsheng Yang, the Party Secretary of Pidu District, Mr. Pu Bin, the Executive Vice Director of Management Committee of Chengdu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base and other officials have met with the delegation of Ms. Yvonne McDowell, and had beneficial and detailed discussions about cooperation.



Mr. Dongsheng Yang, the Party Secretary of Pidu district met with the delegation of Ms. Yvonne McDowell.


 The delegation group has met with Mr. Dongsheng Yang and had a productive talk about cooperation. During the meeting, both sides have agreed on enhancing the cooperation between Chinese and American enterprises, chambers and governments. They would work together to promote the relationships between American and Chinese companies, and help American companies expand in the Chinese market.

Mr. Pu Bin, The Executive Vice Director of Management Committee of Chengdu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base, Mr. Tang Jian, the Minister of International Cooperation Department, Mr. Nelson S. Lee, the president of Sunels Tech & Capital Corp attended the meeting.




Mr. Dongsheng Yang, Ms. Yvonne McDowell and other participants took a group picture after the meeting.



The delegation of Ms. Yvonne McDowell has visited Jingrong town. 

After the meeting, Ms. Yvonne McDowell and other people visited the innovative exhibition center, international apartment and STCC park. During the visit, Ms.Yvonne McDowell was impressed by Jingrong town’s hardware & software, supportive facilities, and convenient living environment. She also appreciated how STCC park will help American enterprises develop and expand in China. She offered provide support and resources to promote the cooperation between American and Chinese companies.



The delegation visited the innovative exhibition center


The visit of international apartment


The delegation group visited STCC Park

The management committee of STCC park met with the delegation of Ms. Yvonne McDowell, Consul of Agricultural Trade Office

  After the visit of STCC Park, the delegation group of Ms. Yvonne McDowell met with the management committee of STCC park.

During the meeting, Mr. Pu Bin and Mr. Nelson S. Lee made brief presentations about the Jingrong town and STCC park. Ms. Yvonne McDowell also made a speech. she expressed that she would introduce Pidu district and STCC park on the AmCham meeting in Washington later this year.




After this business trip, Ms. Yvonne McDowell expressed her highly appreciation of the meetings, STCC Park and Jinrong Town. As the bridge of chinese and American companies, chambers and government relationship, STCC park played an important role for the communication between American and Pidu district.


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