Activity | Dragon boat festival, a close bond of affection


As the dragon boat festival approaching, on 6th June, a theme activity regarding

heartful love is jointly organized by STCC and Jiaye community. It attracted hundreds of residents to join. 

Chen Ying, the operation manager of STCC just said, we aimed to enrich the cultural life of employees and make a strong bond between companies and residents by organizing such activities, in order to create an atmosphere of kindness and love like a big family for working and living better.

We made Zongzi even with different and funny shapes, and everyone is immersed in laughter. Cooked zongzi and other gifts are given to the seniors without children by Richie, moses and staff from Xinji to wish them the best. 

The representatives of companies conveyed their appreciation for the invitation to attend this meaningful activity. They felt the love and kindness surrounding them which are also given to the seniors and hope them have a happy festival. 

This activity aims to make a strong bond between companies and our community to create an amicable environment for the society by means of a series of activities, such as making zongzi, giving sachets and conveying condolence to these seniors. Good luck to all of you and have a wonderful 3-day holiday. 

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