• STCC International Park - Chengdu

  • STCC International Properties is an American designed, managed and operated commercial center and park in Chengdu, China.
    We are commercial park with a great many of fast-growing companies and mature corporations, locally and internationally. 
    We provide physical space and profitable opportunities for American companies to expand their business throughout China. 
    We also provide many incentives and beneficial policies.

    a.  Location
        Pidu District, Chengdu
        Rated one of China's top 100 countries for 3 successive years

    b. Transportation
        20 miles to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
        17 miles to downtown Chengdu
        14 miles to the train station
    c.  Economics
        In 2016, the GDP in Pidu District was over 7 billion USD
    d.  Operation model

    e.  Target industries
    (1)   Electronic information
    · Fortune 500 companies
    · Education: University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
    · National research centers
    · Pidu government is aggressively promoting the electronic information industry
    · Pidu is “Chengdu's silicon valley”

    (2)   Food and beverage

    ·  Very open-minded metropolitan city -  people are very interested and buy all kinds of food
    ·  16 consulates in local area – customers include people from all over the world
    ·  Local food & beverage – local Sichuan food industry

    ·  Local government will promote the food industry
    (3)   Sales & distribution
    ·  Most developed city in the center of China
    ·  Important districts of China: financial district, commercial district, technology district and general business district. 
    ·  Convenient transportation
    ·  There is a 90 million population within 150 miles radius
    ·  There is a 300 million population within 300 miles radius
    ·  Rong-Europe Railway – more business expansion
    ·  The top 50 most competitive cities in China
    f.  Living nearby STCC International Properties

        We wonderful amenities including: 
          §  First class gym
          §  Elegant new residences
          §  Library
          §  Eco- Park
          §  Primary and high schools
          §  Different restaurants
          §  Extensive government services
          §  Museums and art studios
          §  Healthcare services
          §  Convenient transportation

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